Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers' Day Pa!

Papa holding a 10-month-old me.

I am more like Papa than Mama. From him, I inherited my lips, my nose and my muscular lower extremities (Apparent even as a baby. See photo above.). We are both reserved and quiet. Not exactly shy, but not as outgoing as my mother is. We are diplomatic and approachable. We are the helpers and people-pleasers of a group. I'm proud to have inherited these qualities.

Papa possesses a quiet strength that I find admirable. He complements my mother's temperamental and strong-willed ways. He has an extremely long patience threshold. However, when someone goes out of line, he is not afraid to put him in his place. But he does it without losing his cool and with just enough force to make an impact.

Case in point: We had lunch at a newly-opened steaks and buffet restaurant at Blue Wave Marikina. Papa, Mama and my younger brother Ninoy opted for the eat-all-you can for P295. They were particularly fond of the juicy beef tapa. Turned out that everybody else was too so the tapa chafing dish went empty real quick. The staff assured them, however, that it would be replenished. But after few trips to the buffet table later, the chafing dish remained unrefilled. Papa called for the waitress who sheepishly said that they were replacing the tapa with mushrooms instead. This really irked my family, because they were led to believe that there would be a fresh batch. And we all know how cranky people can get when they're hungry. Anyway, in a nutshell, Papa called for the manager and asked for an explanation. The manager was quite apologetic and to make up for the inconvenience sent us a plate of beef in garlic sauce, on the house. No scene was made, and we were all satisfied.

Pa also likes to crack the corniest jokes and puns in the world, which he does when we're all dining together. And he gets his satisfaction from the collective groans around the table when he delivers his punchline.

He is a hardworking and upright professional. He does his work as a lawyer with integrity, even if it means that he has to take home a smaller paycheck. His labor puts food on our table, a roof on our heads, good schools, and travels abroad.

We honored Papa this morning over breakfast. I said to him, "Pa, not only have you provided us with our physical needs but you have been a source of my emotional strength as well."

Thanks Pa. I'm proud to be your daughter.

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