Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Want To

1. Have a balanced life
2. Have a career that provides personal fulfillment as well as the resources to pursue the things/activities that give me bliss
3. Look at the world through the eyes of an artist
4. Travel
5. Bond with my cousins
6. Marry and raise intelligent, confident, and happy children
7. Pursue at least one form of art
8. Express my gratitude to my parents - my heroes
9. See my brothers happy with their lives
10. See my friends happy with their lives
11. Break free from stereotypes
12. Shut out the world's noises and listen to the whispers of my soul
13. Give streetkids a home
14. Tone my abs
15. Paint my bedroom wall
16. Organize my photos
17. Learn to say 'No'
18. Love and be loved deeply and passionately
19. Go on a World Youth Day pilgrimage once again
20. Be truly present in every moment of my life

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