Thursday, June 07, 2007

French Spring 2007 presents Pockemon Crew

As I scanned the sched of activities for French Spring 2007, I observed that a date for Fete dela Musique (an annual smorgasbord of simultaneous live musical performances) was nowhere to be found. I wonder why. Sayang. Fete lang naman talaga ang tinatangkilik ko sa mga panahong to.

However, on June 6, an unexpected chance to be part of French Spring came in the form of an invitation from my dearest friend Tippie :A free ticket to the Hip-Hop dance concert by the Pockemon Crew.

I have an appreciation for dance in its different forms - and have been to quite a few dance concerts in my lifetime - but this one was unlike any I have ever seen before. It's hard to describe but I'll never see hip-hop dance the same way again!
I wish I had a video of last night's performance at the CCP. But since I don't, I urge you to click on this link to see the Pockemon Crew strut their stuff:

More on the Pockemon Crew:

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