Thursday, April 05, 2007

On a Maundy Thursday

I just finished purging my inbox. All e-mails from my previous employment - deleted.

Clean slate. Fresh start. My way of getting into the spirit of Easter.

This semana santa finds me in the following situations:

1.Jobless and broke.

2.In love.

No. 2 makes up for No.1. (But don't worry, baby. I don't intend to be unemployed for long :-p)

Relieved as I am to be finally resigned from a job that I soon found to be not my calling, I can't help but feel anxious and sad at the thought of non-productivity and having zero income. Still, I find comfort in the prospect of some downtime and taking a breather and a big step back from the rat race. I intend to use this break to discover my authentic self. The past three years and two jobs have certainly taught me a lot in action. These next few weeks will be used to process everything and shed some light on my next job search.

My previous employers, Ms Joy and Dennis, two very different leaders with very different leadership styles, have in their own ways taught me so much in ways they don't even know. I am grateful to both of them for giving me honest and constructive feedback. They mirrored my strengths and weaknesses, affirmed and corrected me and basically helped me to see myself objectively.

I am grateful to have friends who are unconditional in their love and support for me.

I feel blessed to have my boyfriend Omar by my side - he has cheered me on in my victories, comforted me in my failures and continues to hold my hand and stick by me through my soul searching.

My family has been and continues to be a source of strength and encouragement. I promise to contribute more constantly to the household when I find a new job. It's the least I can do for them.

At this moment, I have an idea of what I want and don't want to get into. Let's see how this month goes.

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