Thursday, November 09, 2006

What happened today


- Lunch with Tippie, Steph, Denise, Wins and special guest Brian "Buang" Aquino who entertained us with anecdotes of his childhood scars and a demo of how crowded Fiamma can be. Elaboration must be done in person so as to re-enact Buang's special hand movements.Heehee.

- Killing time with Wins and Tips at Mocha Blends after work. Free Cloud 9 c/o Wins.Chocolate and good conversation : winning combo for destressing.

- As Wins and I were walking away from MB to get rides, we overtook a group of four (or was it five?) women in walkers. I go, "Wins, I hope we get to the point where we're still friends even when we're already in wheelchairs." Very very likely.


-I have this feeling that I'm coming down with something.

Looking forward to tomorrow:
- Jogging with Winster.

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