Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Quarter Life

Identity. Relationships. Family.Career. Vocation. Dreams. Financial security. Stability. Passion. Fashion. Deadlines. Promotions. Expectations. Independence. Success. Coffee. Cigarettes. Alcohol.Hooking Up. Breaking Up. Making Up. Making Out. Making Love. Self-expression. Corporate Ladder. Spirituality. Depression. Hope. Love. Forgiveness. Purpose. Music.Breaking Free. Spreading Wings. Comfort Zone. Freedom. Responsibility. Clarity.

Do you know that dreams stay dreams
When you wake up with tomorrow's eyes
And realize it could all go by
If you wait too long?

Don't waste a day
Just go write your own history
Smile and be patient
Your worth takes a lifetime to prove
Cause you don't have to know the things you/they have to know
And no one ever dies of a little compromise
Gentle persuasion

If changes come in the blink of an eye
I wonder why we grow so slowly
Don't wait too long

Don't waste another day
You know it takes a lifetime

- Sound, "Persuasion"

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