Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I have a confession.

On gimmick nights, I fall asleep in my gimmick clothes. I know. It's disgusting.My mother calls me "dam-ak" (Ilonggo for "yucky"). Countless are the mornings when I'd come down for breakfast looking like the aftermath of a rock concert : dishevelled hair, wrinkled blouse and smeared mascara. My younger brother will then break into song: "Return of dam-ak! Return of dam-ak!"

It's a shameful habit for a female raised on good grooming habits and beauty routines. While some if not most girls will muster up strength to at least brush their teeth, the only pre-bedtime ritual I have have the energy to perform is take off my shoes and turn off the lights.

Must be that all the schmoozing and boozing leaves me exhausted by the time I reach my front door.

Next time I paint the town red, before I leave the bar/resto/videoke place, I'll make a stop at the ladies' room and brush my teeth. So at least even if I fail to change into my jammies - which I most probably will - I'd be free of cigarette and onion breath. The rest of me may be "dam-ak" but at least my mouth's fresh and clean.


-raindrops- said...

brush your teeth before you leave the bar neat idea. of course this doesn't help much if you puke your guts out after with all the booze you had. :p

charissemaria said...


Haha, true. Teeth should be brushed AFTER the puking's done.Note to self: get all puking done and over with in the ladies' room of bar/resto/videoke place. Otherwise, it's a waste of toothpaste.