Friday, August 11, 2006

Indonesian Glossary

Apa Kabar? - How are you?

Baik. - Fine

Bagus! - Good!

Terima Kasih! - Thank you!

Si apa nama mu? - What's your name?

Cantik - Beautiful

Gantung - Handsome

Jelek - Ugly

Mengerti - I understand.

Tidak Mengerti - I don't understand.

Jalan - jalan - Walking around.

Lapar - hungry

Haus - thirsty

Astaga! - Omigod!

Aku cinta kamu - I love you.

The lines we use most often, because people automatically speak to us in Bahasa.

Bukan orang Indonesia. - We are not from Indonesia.
Orang Philippine. - We are from the Philippines.

Katz and I have a favorite dialogue:

Katz: Chaw, kamu jelek! (Pangit mo!)
Chaw: Terima kasih! Kamu juga! (Salamat! Ikaw rin!)

So much fun learning Bahasa...I wonder how you say " I wish you were here."?

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You can speak Bahasa na? Ü Nice! Wait! Di ba you knwo how to surf na?...