Saturday, August 05, 2006

How do you say "take-out "in Bahasa?


Officially one week in Bali. Whoa!


Katz and I decided to buy dinner at the nearby carinderia.

Chaw (to the “tindera”): You speak English?

Tindera gives a sheepish grin. I guess not.

Chaw: Ah okay. Barapa? ( “How much?”) I point to chicken dish.

Tindera says something in Bahasa. I don’t understand.

We don’t know the word for take out. Sign language ang mga lola mo. Happy ending: we had our takeout dinner and the carinderia has a sale.

For dinner, I had chicken curry, chicken strips, fish, sitaw and sambal.

All for only Rp 6,000! That’s below $1. Imagine that!

Made new friends today, a couple named Iluh and Bagus. Iluh is a sales merchandiser at Hard Rock CafĂ©. Bagus is her boyfriend. They offered to take us around Bali one day. Bagus goes, “Kailangan mo ng tulong, pare?” Aba, aba! Marunong mag-Tagalog!Apparently, one of the mainstay bands of Hard Rock from before used to be Filipino. Pinoys ARE everywhere!

It seems that every local we meet offers to teach us surfing. Etong si Bagus, nag-offer din.

Katz and I are thinking of taking next Monday off to go surfing with Julie. Whoopee!


Ang pambansang inumin ng Indonesia.

"Bintang Beer: Best Served with Friends. "

Hindi na kailangan ng pulutan. Kagatin mo lang yung ka-inuman mo.


Katz and I went jogging today along the shores of Kuta Beach early in the morning.

Then we each had Double Cheeseburger Meal at McDonald's. Ayos!

We did good today. Had to extend working hours because a group of orthodontists all wanted tattoos. Best business we’ve had in the past two weeks! Bagus bagus! (Good good!)
Had dinner at Bamboo Corner with Julie and fellow surfer Thomas. I had the Fried Chicken Bumbu Bali : Deep fried chicken in sweet and spicy sauce and special Balinese spices. Enak! (Delicious!)
I never ever get tired of watching the sunset. Whenever I can, I go to the beach, find a good spot and watch the sun disappear into the horizon. It helps me feel better when a day goes by without a sale. There’s something comforting about the rhythm of nature at the beach - the sun rising and setting and the waves crashing and retreating. It helps clear my head and keeps my eye on the greater scheme of things.
Fourteen more Bali sunsets to go...


Dennis Balajadia said...

Inggit ako.

You seem to have SO MUCH FUN!

charissemaria said...

Hell yeah! Everyday,getting ready for work excites me!

Di bale, Dens. Babalik ka rin dito. I can feel it! You, Ems and the whole Beach Hut team!