Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Right Hand Drive and Bintang Beer


After the hassle of excess baggage fees, really heavy hand-carried luggage and a slight delay at Indonesian customs, I have finally arrived in Bali. Days before I left, it all seemed so surreal. I couldn’t believe that I was going to be away for a whole month! As the plane touched down at the Denpasar airport , my mind shrieked, “I’M IN BALI!”

Katz (accompanying AirToo artist for this trip) and I met King at the exit. King was with Andy, a friend he met from the Rotaract. Andy drove us to our lodging place, some 30 minutes away from the airport. One of the first things that reminded me that I was in foreign land was when we got in the car. The steering wheel was on the right side. The drive was pleasant and smooth. I asked Andy what he did and he said he sells silver jewelry online. He sports a silver stud on his left ear so I suppose he’s really into it.

On the way to the house, King tells me and Katz that we’re going to a gathering of some Rotaract people. I had my first taste of Bintang Beer. It’s a very popular beverage here. King says it tastes a lot like Pale Pilsen. I really wouldn’t know. But it’s genuine Indonesian beer so, yay!

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