Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Motorbike Traffic Jams and Sambal


Bali is motorbike country. There are more motorbikes on the road than cars. There are parking spaces for motorbikes everywhere - from the small canteen down the street to the malls in the city.

King introduced me to Amier, (our prospect distributor) today. He was with his brother Sam. Amier manages a hotel in Nusa Dua. I found out that he used to work with a cruise ship and has traveled all over the world. He came by to pick up a couple of tester bottles and flyers for the hotel in Nusa Dua. We set another meeting for Wednesday to settle our distribution agreement.
I like spicy food and have always thought that I could handle it. With my first authentic Indonesian meal of Java rice, chicken curry, chicken skin and sambal (chili), I proved that I could – with several gulps of Coke! Another thing to conquer – uber spicy Bali food!


Dennis Balajadia said...

Goodluck with the food!

Hope you don't get Bali Belly like I did.

charissemaria said...


I think I'm getting used to the spicy food.

Minsan nga, parang kulang ang pagkain pag walang sambal!