Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bali Chronicles Continued


Cloudy day today.
Things aren’t moving as fast as I anticipated. How do we pump it up?


Hot Indonesian ladies, that’s how. We’re hiring promo girls to give away flyers at the beach!

I went to the beach today and was hounded by vendors trying to sell their wares. I gave in to one - the lady who was doing nail art. I’m typing this entry quite slower than usual – careful not to ruin my pink nails with white flower accents.

Katz and I made new friends today. An Indonesian (who lives in the States) named Keysha bought a 75 mL bottle to get a sun tattoo. She bought me Bintang beer which I finished half of before giving up completely.


Before coming to Bali, I heard that for $150 you can get a whole day of surfing lessons and surfboard rental.

Today I found a much much much better deal.

Keysha is a surfer and let me in on important information every surfer wannabe in Bali should know. Surfboards can be rented for only 20,000 Rupiah a day. Yes, you heard right. 20,000 Rupiah! That’s like P100!

Surfboard rental: check. I don’t have to sacrifice half a month’s salary for one day of lessons.

Ah but it gets better.

Today, I found out that one of the locals hanging around Circle K is also a surf instructor! His name is Gede. He’s primarily a tattoo artist but he also gives private surfing lessons on the side. WINNER! I got his number and will be scheduling a lesson with him one of these days. The payment for the lessons is really up to me. Whatever I can afford.


Today, we tried out a new promotional strategy. Hired Julie Gong, a promo girl King met at one of his night outs here. Twenty-six years old. Very sunny disposition. She’s slated to work for Surfer Girl as a Team Rider – meaning she will represent Surfer Girl in competitions. Not a bad job, eh?

We were supposed to get another local girl – one of Julie’s friends – but Julie said that Indonesian girls are not really keen on 1) walking under the hot sun and 2) wearing a skimpy bathing suit. So I took on the job instead.

We spent an hour walking from one end of Kuta Beach to the other, handing flyers to the foreigners sunbathing. We were able to give away about 100 or so flyers. It was quite an experience for me. The act of giving away flyers is a humbling experience. Most of the sunbathers and surfers were gracious enough to accept the flyer and some would politely say, “No, thank you.” Some would just shake their head and grimace. When that happens, it nips at my ego but you just gotta smile, say “okay” and move on.

The outcome of our walk on the beach? One guy bought a 40 mL.

Julie and I attempted to hand out flyers to the passersby on the sidewalk across Circle K. We got a lot of headshakes, a few takers and one couple who took the long way to get past us. There seems to be a natural aversion to people handing out flyers. I think giving the flyer to every customer paying at the counter at Circle K is a less intrusive way.

But there has be a better way for people to notice Beach Hut.


Two Japanese guys drinking Bintang beer near our booth approached us. They wanted to have a picture taken with me, Katz and Julie.

We told them, “Okay. Sure.Where is your camera?”

They said, “None. We use yours.”


Pose, smile, click.

Japanese guys walk away.

We delete the picture.



First weekend in Pantai Kuta.

I closed the deal with our distributor Amier today.

Julie and I went to the beach again today to give away flyers. Surprisingly, there weren’t as many people on the beach as yesterday. I saw quite a lot of “mumu” faces and a couple of nude sunbathers. Hardly any locals come to the beach, Julie says. Indonesian girls hate the sun - they want to keep their skin as fair as possible. The locals on the beach are mainly the vendors and the surfers.

Kuta Beach gets crowded a little bit after sunset – when all the locals come out to watch the sun go down and the young boys play soccer on the beach. It’s a very serene sight.

After giving away the flyers, Julie and I took a break to bask in the Bali sun. The waves were crazy! Not suitable for surfing at all. Julie said that it could be that way until tomorrow so we had to cancel our plan to surf. Julie offered to teach me --- for free! Ayos!



Dennis Balajadia said...

Pump it up! Pump it up!

There is no superficial way of doing it. I believe that the best selling strategy is giving what the market already IS looking for EVEN before you got there.

You'll just reinforce what they already like. Give them something they can't refuse :)

Goodluck Chaw and team! I'm sure you'd do very well!

tippie tan said...

SURF AWAY GIRL!!!! Can't walk around Bali Beach forever, you've got to get in the water sooner than later!!!!!

As for Airtoo, are you guys playing music in the booth? Maybe if you play Kaskade or Chicane thru the CD-Players... did you bring the CD Players?... it'll attract more attention.

YM me if the CD Players are here so I can prepare them to send out to you.